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mother of pearl furniture in singapore


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shastri nagar , Jodhpur, Rajsthan,

Create a world of your own with artistic pieces hand carved by our artists. Gift yourself the pleasure of living with exquisite pieces, from our exclusive range of mother of pearl furniture in singapore

Transform your humble abode into an expanse, as vivid as an artist’s canvas, with our Bedside Tables, chest of drawers, Tables, Stools, Sofas, chairs, Mirror Frames etc. Each piece is just as unique as you, carrying the essence and character of their own.

Our luxury art and furniture pieces are unique because:

§  Each piece is hand carved by craftsmen who have been in the field since generations. Every piece of furniture has a story of its own- the craftsman’s intense labour, disappointments and revisions in making the art perfect, sweat and patience that goes into creating a mesmerizing art, and the happiness of having achieved excellence. When you buy from us, you aren’t just buying a furniture piece- you are buying the artist’s time, efforts and passion etched beautifully with the art.

§  You get the satisfaction of owning a piece that doesn’t reek of any defenseless animal’s suffering. We have zero tolerance policy against animal abuse. We do not indulge in any act that might directly or indirectly impact any animal’s well being.

§  All our furniture pieces are verified and certified by the Wild Life Department.

§  We are eco-friendly. All our processes and raw materials are eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable

§  We use lead free paints to ensure you live a healthy life around our furniture. All the compounds and chemicals used in manufacturing as well as finishing are non carcinogenic.

§  We offer superior quality long lasting furniture. Each piece would last for years to come

§  Each of our pieces is exemplary of the authentic Indian craft that has evolved over thousands of years.

§  When you buy a furniture piece from us, you are contributing towards the craftsman’s welfare as well as towards preserving of this ancient art form.

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